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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Flash-Mobs: Future Fantasies of the Everyday

For my written Pathetic Appeal I will present a call to engage in collective flash-mobs in order to protest the working conditions in the textile industry. I will attempt to evoke a desire for recognition and anger at the injustices in the status quo. Secondly, I will romanticize the act in order to provoke a desire for freedom from the monotony of the everyday. It is intended to get people to participate in a collective flash mob, because they will interpret a need to respond to the ethical injunction of others' suffering arising from a sense of guilt in their complicity and a desire for acting in concert with an excited multitude. Collective flash-mobs offer a singular moment of ethical identification and pause to stand in solidarity with our common brethren. They stand as a testament to our universal nudity. The physical stripping of the self symbolically strips our conception of labor from its yoke to servility and exchange-value. It exposes our vulnerability in relation to each other, the fact that we are forced to rely upon a collective flourishing for any individual prosperity. It also points to a new horizon of thought, a different epoch in human activity, and a different form of freedom in which we control the right to our own destiny.


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