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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Working for Workers

The Workers' Defense Project engaged in capacity building measures this week in order to reach out to a larger audience of activists. The social advocacy group utilized new media and web based methods of knowledge dissemination.

The website made a post in its "What's Happening" section; which can also be followed via subscribing through an rss feed, email or social networking sites (SNS). It's title reads, "Become an Intern at Workers' Defense Project," the title is rather lack luster, I guess if you're always studying about businesses firing and laying people off you lose sight of how to hire.

The post itself indicates that the group needs interns, itself written by an intern it lacks color, depth, and proper grammar:
i.e. "Come and work with us looking how the world change before your eyes"

One of the potential internships is to be a community garden intern, it seems like you're more likely to watch the grass grow than the earth change before your eyes. The application reads like a typical classified ad for job hirings, the only difference is the fluffy line at the beginning and the motto "And Remember: In Unity, There Is Strength!" in the penultimate moment. 

This ad could just as easily be for a corporation marketing itself as socially conscientious, although I think businesses might have a better handle on how to appeal to potential recruits. But how can an advocacy group change the consciousness of workers if they simply mimic their practices? 

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