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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

CybeRhetoric Presents: Saturday SouthBy Soiree

CybeRhetoric Presents: Saturday SouthBy Soiree featuring Horse Thief/DEERPEOPLE 

CybeRhetoric will be hosting an unofficial SXSW Showcase in order to breed new connections, spread the wings of Cyberhetoric.com, and celebrate all that this blog stands for.

Special Guests include official SXSW Bands Horse Thief and DEERPEOPLE.

More details can be found here....
    Celebrate the end of SXSW the proper way - in a passionate display of friendship, fanaticism, and a twist of fortune. 
 And for your musical enjoyment:

Check out Horse Thief's "Warrior"

And DEERPEOPLE'S "Ulysses":

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