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Saturday, March 24, 2012

'Going Brogue' Podcast!

Podcast or podcasting icon Français : Icône po...

I've always wanted to start a podcast, and this blog seems to be an awesomely apt medium through which to host and disseminate one. I have several friends that love too shoot the breeze and always share their opinions on anything and everything and so, once this debate season ends I will begin a series of podcasts titled "Going Brogue" (No, not the shoes).

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I was curious about my readers' thoughts on the idea? What would ya'll like to see discussed? What other podcasts do you enjoy listening to? 

I personally was always a huge fan of Robert Harrison's Entitled Opinions 

The podcast would discuss many of the ideas on Cyberhetoric but perhaps venture outwardly more, either into more immediately contemporary political and pop cultural issues as they arise, or more distantly into great classics of philosophy, politics, and literature.

If you have any thoughts, comments, dreams, or desires please shoot me an email or a comment.

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